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GTA 6: Fans decide – Rockstar Games shouldn’t choose these settings

GTA 6: Fans decide – Rockstar Games shouldn’t choose these settings

Rockstar Games has not yet officially confirmed the development of GTA 6, but fans have collected an ample list of settings that they would not like.

These are bleak and uneventful times for fans of Grand Theft Auto. Namely, there is still no announcement about GTA 6 *. Rockstar Games * also doesn’t appear to be releasing any information about a GTA 6 release in the near future. Therefore the fans play the solo entertainer again. On Reddit, the question was asked which setting fans would least like to see in GTA 6. There was lively participation among the Post and everyone agrees on one setting.

Because players definitely no longer want to see a certain location in a Rockstar Games title. It’s Liberty City. The reasons for this are the gloomy feeling when you wander through the hoods of New York City. In addition, the dreary weather and the generally darker color scheme would resent the mood. Los Santos wouldn’t like to be seen in GTA 6 either, for the obvious reason that GTA 5 played there.

Fans would also be less likely to see futuristic environments in GTA 6. A setting like this would have too many similarities to Cyberpunk 2077. Many would rather find a story that takes place in the past interesting. The fans are also divided about the location in London. Some think London would be the perfect city for GTA 6. Others can imagine a setting outside of the USA rather less. With such questions, it is difficult to come to a common denominator anyway, as everyone has a different taste.

GTA 6: Unpopular opinions of fans about GTA 6

There’s another similar Reddit thread on GTA 6. This time it asked for the least popular opinions of fans about GTA 6. There, a large number of people are in favor of the fact that the setting and the timing are not that important. Gameplay and story would have a much larger share by which the success of a game is measured. In addition, the fans do not want to pick up things on the floor from GTA 4 back.

What would be your least favourite setting for GTA VI? from r/GTA6

Usually, Grand Theft Auto players are more likely to say what features they want from Rockstar Games in GTA 6. Since there is still nothing to announce about GTA 6 from New York, fans come up with all sorts of ideas to entertain themselves.

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