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GTA 5 Franklin and Lamar portray a scene in the game

GTA 5 Franklin and Lamar portray a scene in the game

Franklin, the beloved character of GTA 5, started to swear from everyone due to a dialogue in the game. The reason for this is a line that appeared in the introduction of GTA V Real-Life Comparisons, which is a series project.

GTA 5, launched by Rockstar Games in 2013, has never lost its popularity even though it has been years since its release. The game, which has a very tight fan base, still manages to be among the best sellers. However, recent developments suggest that this game may have become a part of our lives.

GTA 5 is a production that adds some characters to our lives as well as its story. In addition, the dialogues of these characters with each other are very popular, especially where English is dominant. The best known of these is undoubtedly the “hair style” conversation between Franklin and Lamar. This conversation has now become the promotional video of a TV series and has led to the start of a new trend.

Here is the conversation between Lamar and Franklin

The voice actors who give life to the characters in GTA 5 have been working on a new series project for a while. The first promotional video of this series, called “GTA V Real-Life Comparisons”, was also released recently. The first line used in the promotion was the dialogue mentioned earlier. The video you watch now reveals what that scene looks like in the real world.

Although the line in question was published hours ago, it reached around 2.5 million views. However, the line attracted the attention of not only vocalists but also play lovers. After the release of the video, the gamers, who put different characters in front of Franklin, managed to give GTA 5 fans fun moments. In addition, other videos that have been released recently and featuring the same line have also started to break watch records.

Franklin was one of the beloved characters of GTA 5. However, this character is swearing at everyone right now. It is not known when the current started by the players will end.

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