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GTA 3 Mode Builders Introduced Rockstar’s Original Developer Tools


Mod manufacturers GTA 3, the game is being developed that explains to us that the developer tools were discovered.

Some enterprising manufacturers and YouTuber GTA 3 mod, GTA 3 Rockstar Games developer tools when developing discovered some original and fascinating hold the magnifying glass in the game development process.

YouTube via Kotaku and badger Goodyear named Vadim M GTA 3 released a video showing the different structures that are used in many common debugging tools. Some of them are in a format that is embedded into the code of GTA 3 for PlayStation 2, and many also developed it looks.

Other debugging tools from GTA 3 were discovered in the mobile version. The hacker, who discovered the debugging tools in the mobile version, managed to integrate them into the PC version. Some of these features allow you to see models of models, vehicles and hitboxes. Others offer developer features such as free camera use.

For more information, you can find the entire video here:

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