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Google Stadia game prices announced

Google Stadia game prices announced

Previously detailed price policy Google Stadia games, this time the prices became clear. Information about Google Stadia game prices, which allows you to play games without the need for a game console, has finally become clear. Prices will be the same as those of console games. The ropes are all in the hands of the producer.

Google Stadia game prices announced

First, you should pay $ 9.99 per month to use the service. Unfortunately, games are not included in this price. Google Stadia also has a similar structure to Access subscriptions on the console and PC.

A Stadia manager explained that the game prices will be given at the same price as the other platforms. Players; smart TV, PC, mobile device can play any game on Google Stadia.

The Stadia manager said there will be no special pricing for the services. At this point the decision will be entirely in the game maker. In other words, a game that is $ 60 on the console will be available in this service as $ 60. The difference is; not a digital or physical copy of the game, but a direct online playable version.

The reason for this decision was the consumption of the players. While a popular game on PC and console is sold for an average of $ 45 – $ 60, it may end up playing PC and console if it is cheaper in Google Stadia. This can damage almost all game companies.

Another main factor is that you will not pay to the console. This service; Chromecast Ultra will be accessible from Chrome and mobile.

Why choose Stadia?

Google claims that anyone with an Internet connection of around 35 Mbps will be able to use the Stadia service as 4K 60 FPS. In this context, the speed of the hardware is not directly internet. Google has already confirmed that 8K support will also be added in the future.

Do you think Google Stadia or my game console?


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