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Google seems to open 2 more studios for Stadia


Mobility continues to be experienced for Google Stadia, a new game system that is expected in the world with curiosity. According to previous statements, Google’s play department decided to open a studio in Montreal, Canada. Now, we have received signals that two new studios will be coming in. If you allow us, let us take you to the bottom line for details of our news and let’s continue.

Google seems to open 2 more studios for Stadia

Developers of Google Stadia platform spread to the world

Recently, some announcements were made by Google and some developments were announced about the game department of the company. Through these announcements, we learned that a studio will be set up to develop 1st party games for the Google Stadia platform. The announcement that the studio will be established in Monteal, Canada was also included in the statements.

Now, two more studios will be added to this department. If you’re asking how you got it, let’s answer it immediately: According to the job advertisements given by Google, two technical staff are looking for work in London and Tokyo. In the job announcement, it is stated that the people sought will be special game designer and developer representative.

The developer representative in the advertisement means the person who will make the connection between the Google game center and the developer studios. The existence of external studios that will make special games for the cloud-based platform is likely to be visited by 2nd party games. We can conclude that the special game designer will also be interested in 1st party games. According to comments made after job advertisements, the London studio may be interested in the coordination of the 2nd party games.

Let us remind you that 2nd-party games are games made by a developer who has appeared on a platform but is not part of the platform. An example of this is the relationship between Nintendo and Pokémon. As is known, Pokémon games are distributed only by Nintendo, but are developed by teams that are not part of the different Nintendo teams.

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