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Good news of Rocket League to PlayStation users!

Good news of Rocket League to PlayStation users!

The Rocket League game, released in mid- 2015, will be free in 2020. After the developer of the game was bought by Epic Games, recently there has been wonderful news. PlayStation users received good news for the Rocket League multiplayer game.

The PlayStation game requires a PS Plus subscription.

Rocket League game won’t require PlayStation Plus

You must be a PS Plus subscriber by paying a monthly game fee in PlayStation 4 format. “League Rocket” is a full-fledged game. We have to pay a monthly fee for the game, which is free.

You don’t need to be a PS Plus subscriber to play the game. This statement was made after a fragment of the game “Rocket Pass.” Although the situation looks good on the PlayStation, everything is different for the Xbox. According to the statement, the game will not include Xbox.

Those who want to play the game through Xbox will have to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. It is a pity that a free game will play like this.

The developer of the game Psyonix added that the free game extends to Nintendo Switch. So, the only console that will remain outside this benefit will be Xbox One.

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