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Good news for Mario Tennis Aces players

Good news for Mario Tennis Aces players

Mario Tennis Aces, available to Nintendo Switch users last June, has been updated since its release. In each update, the game was further enriched in terms of characters, giving a free DLC herald.

The skeleton version of the Koopa king, Dry Browser, has been added to the game with costumes for the characters Wario and Wauiligi. A defense-focused character, Dry Browser is accessible to all players participating in at least one match in the game’s online tournament mode. Other players will wait for August.

One of the incentives for the game to participate in the online tournament is that if you can earn enough points in the tournament, you will unlock Wario and Walui (classic) as alternative costumes. Players who did not enter the online tournament last month can now access the Fire Piranha character.

With the arrival of the Dry Browser, Mario Tennis has 30 playable characters in Aces. This was almost twice the number of characters at the beginning of the game. Other characters in the series include Chain Chomp, Boom Boom, Pauline and Kamek

Mario Tennis Aces is a tennis game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. A part of the Mario Tennis series was released worldwide on June 22, 2018.


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