God of War developer David Jaffe joins Movie Games

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David Jaffe, one of the most important figures behind the God of War franchise, will guide Poland-based Movie Games through his experience.

God of War developer David Jaffe joins Movie Games

David Jaffe, who made a name for himself with his major games and series for PlayStation, is best known for his God of War series. Jaffe worked on PlayStation for many years and was creative director of God of War and God of War II. Now Movie Games has announced that David Jaffe has joined the studio.

Movie Games, a Polish game development company, has acquired Sony Santa Monica founder David Jaffe. Jaffe joined the company as an adviser and will serve in the supervisory agency. In March 2021, Movie Games released the esoteric/erotic horror game Lust from Beyond and then contacted Jaffe. Jaffe expressed his appreciation for the game and posted it on his social media channels, after which talks were held with the company.

David Jaffe, one of the most important figures behind the God of War series, will guide the company’s development. At the same time, Movie Games says it will benefit from its expertise in marketing and networking. Movie Games CEO Mateusz Wczesniak said:

“We are excited to work with David Jaffe. It shaped some of our favorite gaming memories and the direction the industry will take for years. He is incredibly talented, creative, and supportive. We believe this is a step towards many new projects with high potential for Movie Games, and we believe our collaboration could be extended further in the future.”

David Jaffe said of joining Movie Games: “I’m so happy to be joining the Movie Games family. From strange and surprisingly creative gems like Lust from Beyond to innovative games like the upcoming War Hospital, Movie Games isn’t afraid to take their chances. I found them very vivid, excitingly explaining to discovering new game ideas. This reminds me of the first PlayStation days when unique but still commercial ideas were on the table. In some ways, I feel like I’m home. It’s a weird home version of everyone but me with accents that sound like the villains in the Bond movie. But I’m still home! And I love it!”

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Piotr Gnyp, CMO of Movie Games, said: “David Jaffe has developed all kinds of games, from AAA megahits to ambitious and innovative games. It is also a popular publisher and has a great understanding of current gaming trends. The unique combination of development experience and connection with players makes David great. He is the one who will recognize the value of any project and find the best possible solution.”

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With the participation of David Jaffe, Movie Games is likely to come up with ambitious and innovative projects in the future. Click here to see other games from the developer, such as lust from beyond, which they have already released, and War Hospital, which is under development.

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