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Ghost Recon Wildands Easter Egg might be teasing a new Tom Clancy game reveal for May 9


Ubisoft is teasing a reveal of some sort, and many believe the tease is for a new Ghost Recon game.

The tease comes in the form of an Easter Egg contained in the Operation Oracle content drop for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

As noted by YouTuber coreross, an invitation to attend a conference for the fictional organisation Skell Technology appears in Operation Oracle.

This invitation to “Shell Con” takes place on May 9, 2019 at 11.30am PDT, 2.30pm EDT, 7.30 BST, 8.30 CEST. That’s next week, right?

Whatever the case, something will be announced come May 9. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, but the tease could also be for a new Splinter Cell game.

A new Splinter Cell has been rumored or hinted at in some form since mid-2018.

First, there were the infamous Amazon and Walmart leaks; then Sam Fisher himself appeared in Wildlands’ Special Operation 1 back in April last year; and finally, Ubisoft’s boss said Splinter Cell would return, but there was nothing to be announced.


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