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Gears 5 will guide you to the next series of games


The mechanics used in Gears 5 will form the basis of the future games of the series.

One of the most important video game series on the Microsoft side is the Gears of War series, which many people will accept. Gears 5, the newest member of this action game series, debuted on September 6, 2019. The series is said to be a guide for future games. Let us continue by saying that you can find the details and details made by the developer team of this production in our bottom lines.

Gears 5 will guide you to the next series of games

Gears 5 to guide new members of the family

As it is known, Gears of War 4, although a very entertaining production has received some criticism. At the forefront of these criticisms was the inability to bring innovation to the genre and the simple use of mechanics in previous games. The newest member of the series, Gears 5, although the overall structure is not very different, many people were pleased with the innovations.

In the newest game of the series; there were role-playing game mechanics, semi-open world maps, and player selection influencing game progress. Such innovations added to a trench-based action game not only delighted the players but also gave the developers of the game an idea of ​​the way they would follow.

The Coalition team, the developer of the game we’re talking about, signaled that developments in the latest game of the series will continue. Matt Searcy, the design director of the video game series, has made some statements during an interview with GamingBolt. According to these statements, the next game in the series will be based on the game Gears 5.

In other words, in the new games of this series, the mechanics of the last game of the series will be emphasized and the mechanics of the game will be taken further by developing these elements. Here, we can conclude that the games of the Gears of War series will be similar to the latest games of the series, rather than the first games of the series.


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