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Game Industry asks World Health Organization to rethink its decision


Giant gaming companies around the world demanded that the World Health Organization’s decision to tır play addiction is a disease ’is wrong and needs to be reassessed.

Representatives of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and many companies from New Zealand to South Korea, from the US to Europe He argued that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that the World Health Organization’s weekend göz game addiction was a disease l was inadequate and demanded a review.

Common statement “The global gaming industry is now calling on members of the World Health Organization to reconsider the decision of the ın Play Disorder ‘. The World Health Organization is a respected institution and its guidance should be based on regular, comprehensive and transparent reviews supported by independent experts. WHO’s Boz Play Disorder ’decision, not enough solid evidence.” expressions include.

At the same time, the Sony CEO mentioned the mentioned protection when it comes to video games. Age limitation in games, parental control and oyun providing the conditions for the players to play in the safest environments, play addiction is a refutation of the disease decision.

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