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Fortnite’s Loot Lake event is happening today – watch what happens here


As this Fortnite season comes to a close, things are hotting up around the volcano and it all culminates today At Loot Lake, the Nexus Event tasked players with unlocking runes disappearing and reappearing around the map.

Over the past few days, these mysterious runes have been converging on Loot Lake around the metal structure at its centre, with the monitors in surrounding buildings showing images of vaulted weapons and items like the Drum Gun and Tactical SMG.

Fortnite Loot Lake Unvaulting Event

This fuelled speculation that we’ll be able to vote on an item to bring back from the vault, which was all but confirmed by leaked assets in the most recent Fortnite patch.

As of today, May 4, all of the runes have been unlocked, and a door has appeared. All will be revealed when the event kicks off at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm BSTaround Loot Lake.

You can watch it all unfold right here through PandaPunch’s stream, or hit up your favorite Fortnite streamer on Twitch.

A recap of what has led up to today is below.

Fortnite Volcano Eruption

At 5PM GMT on May 1, the final rune flickered at Loot Lake and reappeared above high above the mouth of the volcano.

After a moment of calm, tremors started and the lava inside started to bubble.


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