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‘Fortnite v10.10’ Update Released: Here’s What’s New


One of today’s most popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite has received an update v10.10. The update includes many new items and troubleshooting.

The most popular style of play in recent years is “Battle Royale”. Fortnite is, of course, the leading name among these survival-based games. Fortnite, one of the most popular games of today, developed and released by Epic Games, has just received a new update today. The new update, called v10.10, offers many in-game items and changes. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the update.

New item: “Junk Rift 

Basically, the Garbage Tear is a kind of grenade that sends a firework to the sky from where it was thrown and opens a tear in the sky. Then a huge object from the tear opened in the sky begins to land and destroy everything in its path. The bomb is able to destroy almost all vehicles and all destructible objects while damaging players. Damage details can be found below.

Falling object: Damages players and destroys everything in their path. Creates a small shock wave where it falls, dealing damage to players and destroying everything within its radius.

Damage: Direct impact (200). Gently pushes back players directly hit. Shock wave damage (100). Both strokes immediately destroy vehicles and destructible objects in contact. Epic is rare.

Disposable items that appear to be faulty:

Disposable items that appear to be faulty can be found in the explosion zone. These items are transformed into different collectible items brought by the explosion from the past to the present.

Apple: 5 lives.
Mushroom: Gives 5 shields.
Coconut: Gives 5 lives and shields (based on the player’s total lives and shields).
Pepper: Increases the player’s movement speed for a short time.
Relieving Stones: Shortly reduces the effect of gravity on the player.
The Shadow Stone has been disabled due to an issue.


The map has changed. The Torn Signal at the Recreation Center failed and caused an explosion that left behind a huge crater. As a result of this explosion, disposable items appeared to be faulty.

Disposable items that appear to be faulty can only be found in the crater.

Prefabricated buildings and galleries:

Using the new ready-made buildings and galleries, you can either celebrate the comeback of the Grieving Warehouses or sit at the Grieving Diner and worship the old ones.

5 new ready builds added:
Tramping Warehouses Blue Warehouse
Tramping Warehouses Gray Warehouse
Tramping Warehouses Red Warehouse
Tramping Warehouses Visitor Store
Tramping Restaurant

2 new galleries added:
Tramping Warehouses and Restaurants Gallery
Tramping Warehouses and Restaurant Objects Gallery

V6 Launcher:

Smoke the dust with this new Rocket Launcher. The V6 Launcher comes to the weekly store to take its place in the collection weapon set.

Small, fast rockets are launched. It can fire up to six rockets without refilling. It doesn’t waste ammo, but its durability is very low.

It is available from the weekly store on Thursday 22 August from 03:00 to Thursday 29 August.

Star in the Cape, sets off:

This week, you will help Cape Star reach Radio Station and share his favorite summer song with everyone. Load your truck for the new weekly mission, gather your group.

Bug fixes in user interface:

When switching between different tasks with the game controller, the task details will now be updated correctly.

Fixed issue where target information of current task was not shown.

Some information missing from the Administration and Ammunition tabs is complete.

Fixed issue that caused map to load properly after changing tab.

Launching tasks using the “Play Now” button in the task log will no longer crash the game.

In a full group, the Record Run task indicated that there were five records instead of four; this issue has been fixed.

Fortnite seems to have solved some problems in the game as well as all these elements and innovations.


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