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Fortnite may stay banned on the App Store for at least another year


Unless Epic Games won or withdrawn from the lawsuit against Apple, Fortnite seems to remain banned from the store for devices using the iOS operating system for at least another year.

Last month, Epic Games refused to pay fees for Apple and Google, changing the system of in-game purchases on mobile platforms. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store.

After the two companies became defendants in the case, Apple said it could return Fortnite to the app store if it refuses Epic claims and removes the new payment system, which led to the withdrawal of Fortnite from the Apple store. But it seems that tensions between the two companies are becoming more and more tense.

Fortnite can be banned from the App Store for at least another year:

Fortnite may stay banned on the App Store for at least another year

Neither side showed any signs of backing down in the tension, exacerbated by Epic’s aggressive demeanor. When Epic Games failed to persuade the court to reinstate Apple’s rights to Fortnite, it submitted a second proposal that would allow it to update the game. Thus, mobile players could play the current Marvel-themed season.

In response, Apple filed a lawsuit against Epic, accusing the publisher of soliciting special treatment. Moreover, Apple could keep Fortnite out of its store for at least another year, if Epic continues its aggressive attitude.

An email to Epic shared in pre-court documents stated, “Please note that we will reject your re-application to the Apple Developer Program for at least one year, taking into account the nature of your actions.”

The current ban is already heavily affecting Fortnite. The number of players on the platform has dropped drastically due to the failure of iOS users to receive the new season update. It would not be wrong to say that if the ban continues until 2021, many more players will quit Fortnite.

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