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Fortnite is coming back for the iPhone! Yes, but how?

Fortnite is coming back for the iPhone! Yes, but how?

While the tension between Apple and Epic Games has moved into the courts, a new solution has emerged for Fortnite Mobile, now banned on the App Store platform. This time, Nvidia seems to have come into play with the GeForce Now platform.

Fortnite returns to iPhone and iOS devices

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now will now be able to deliver a cloud gaming experience through iOS devices. Thanks to this experience, which will be available through the Safari browser, Fortnite can also be played again via the iPhone.

As you know, there has been talk before that Fortnite will return with GeForce Now. It was opened on this path with the support of the cloud gaming platform Safari.

Currently, there is no Fortnite game on the GeForce Now platform. But the incoming information is that Epic Games and Nvidia are working together for the Fortnite experience through the browser. As you know, Epic Games is among the companies that support the GeForce Now platform in its most difficult times.

Now, thanks to the availability of the GeForce Now platform via the Safari browser, it seems that it will be possible to play Fortnite with the Safari browser via the iPhone. In time, we will see how Apple will behave in the face of Nvidia and Epic Games, which are preparing to open a kind of backdoor for App Store bans.

Of course, this experience will not be as good as playing the game on mobile via the iOS app. But there is also talk that Epic Games has made special improvements for Fortnite, which will be available on the GeForce Now platform.

The fact that GeForce Now is not published through the App Store means that the App Store rules cannot apply to this app. But Apple is still expected to respond to Epic Games ‘ move.

So, what do you think, Can the GeForce Now version of the famous game, which is expected to appear very soon, really offer a good experience? We welcome your comments.

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