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Fortnite Adds New Pump Weapon with Update 9.30

Fortnite Adds New Pump Weapon with Update 9.30

The Fortnite universe has a brand new pump gun.

One of the leading games of the Battle Royale genre, Fortnite enchants the hearts of its fans with constant updates. Battle Royale, which is constantly updated and features new features, also allows players to have fun at Fortnite. According to the update notes released today, a new weapon is being added to Fortnite.

Fortnite’s new V9.30 update includes many bug fixes and performance improvements as well as bringing a lot of improvements to the game. The new weapon listed as Drum Pump can be found in Common, Unusual and Rare varieties. Drum Pump can fit 12 rounds in a single magazine; 45, 47 and 50 damage per shot.

Drum Pump gun on the ground trophies, vending machines, and can be found in the trophy carriers, players will find the new pump gun as they find it is expected to play for the first place. Epic Games for the new Drum Pump gun: “Dust the island with this brand new pump rifle!” expression.

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