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For the first time in GTA Online, a robbery mission can be completed with a single player


Rockstar Games shared details of the Cayo Perico robbery mission to GTA Online in a statement yesterday. The company will pave the way for players to complete robberies alone for the first time.

While the game world eagerly awaited the announcement of GTA VI from Rockstar Games, the company continued to keep its focus on GTA V. Rockstar Games announced a new update to GTA Online with a small share 2 days ago. We also learned that the main content of the new update will be a new Robbery Mission.

Rockstar Games announced on its website yesterday that the update’ the Cayo Perico Heist ‘ would be released on December 15. The company also provided some details about this update, which will offer GTA V players a new adventure. If it’s one of those details, it’s the kind that a lot of players will like.

You’ll be able to rob alone:

For the first time in GTA Online, a robbery mission can be completed with a single player

As you know, when you tried to commit a robbery on GTA Online before, you couldn’t do it alone. To perform a robbery mission, you had to either team up with friends or random players. In teams with random players, the luck factor was really important.

If you’ve ever dreamed of committing a robbery on GTA Online alone for these reasons, this dream finally comes true. The Cayo Perico heist will be a heist where players can complete missions alone. If you want to complete the robbery with a team, your team can consist of up to 3 people.

The greatest adventure coming to GTA Online:

According to Rockstar Games, for a robbery, we will have to enter one of the safest islands in the world called Cayo Perico in a method of our choice. The method of entry will be completely left to us. Along with the update, players will also have new radio stations and songs.

As GTA continues to get new content Online, gamers continue to react to Rockstar Games. Rockstar, which reacted by using GTA V as a source of revenue until the end, has not given players any different news for now.

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