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Five More Games Added to Apple Arcade


The library of Apple Arcade, a subscribed gaming service, where Apple removes ads and micro-payments, continues to grow. The company announced on Friday that five more games have been added to the service.

Five more games, including role-playing and platform games, have been added to Apple’s subscribed mobile gaming service, Apple Arcade. Apple’s game service is constantly updated to attract attention. Also like all other games on the platform, these five games are free to play.

For those who do not know, this subscription service from Apple is a service where you can play games within the platform at no additional cost by paying a monthly fee.

Added games

Five More Games Added to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has no ads and no additional downloads to play offline. The service is available not only with Apple mobile devices, but also Mac computers and Apple TVs. Another noteworthy aspect of the service is the lack of micro-payments that are frequently seen in today’s mobile games.

The games Apple added to Apple Arcade on Friday are as follows:

  • Yaga: action, role-playing game
  • Fallen Knight: platform
  • Lifelike: an artistic game of colors
  • Hogwash: a farm themed game
  • Tales of Memo: puzzle game

If you haven’t tried Apple Arcade yet, the company also offers a free one-month trial. You can experience Apple Arcade by starting your trial membership.

Promotional videos of games added to Apple Arcade:

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