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First Gameplay Changes with FIFA 20


The FIFA games, which will be released this year, will continue on the road with FIFA 20. EA Play 2019 event will be held in the live broadcast with many details about the game will learn the first information for the game began to come. More games officially announced, Electronic Arts began to explain the changes to play.

According to the details shared under Pitch Notes on the FIFA page, the planned changes will be made in the light of the feedback made by the players. At the top of the list, there is a defense system made by artificial intelligence. The system will be revised by revising the positioning and setting the cadence in the field. In this way, we will be faced with a more challenging artificial intelligence defense. There will also be a new planned stealing system. According to the information given by Electronic Arts, this system will support the manual stealing system by allowing your defensive player to try the ball in a convenient way for your team.

On the other hand, one-to-one shot accuracy will be improved, but the goalkeeper will also fine-tune your reactions when you are faced with the goalkeeper. So the goalkeepers will show more ‘humanoid’ reactions and you won’t have to head your head at the screen. However, you will be able to adjust the height and hardness of the shot.

The changes mentioned by Electronic Arts include timed finish strokes. By reducing the timing interval, these strokes will be more difficult and require more skill. Hundred and eighty-degree strokes will be less effective even if you have a perfect timing.

In the FIFA 20 game, the strokes and hits to the air will be less accurate and will lead to more diverse results. If the two players get out of the ball, there will be a wide range of results and, if appropriate, the position will be more difficult for the player to attack.

In FIFA 19, the community made the most of the turnaround on the series of talent movements. In this way, because the tactics done more than necessary, the defensive line resulted in a lot of difficulty in deflecting the position and, in most cases, not fending. In the FIFA 20 game, the developer team will also focus on this problem, and the player’s ability to make a mistake in the subsequent talent movement will result in the possibility of losing the ball.

Finally, in the free kick position, In addition to the improvements in goalkeeper control and the transition between players, the possibility of making mistakes while passing in a difficult situation and the possibility of making a pass and a new gameplay option like plase pass will be among the innovations that we will encounter in FIFA 20 game.

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