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Final Fantasy XVI introduced at the PlayStation 5 event!

Final Fantasy XVI introduced at the PlayStation 5 event!

Sony did not hesitate to introduce its new games at the event organized on Tuesday, September 16th. The long-awaited console again came out with the long-awaited games. Final Fantasy XVI, where rumors were raised, appeared for the first time at the PlayStation 5 event.

Final Fantasy XVI was introduced at the PlayStation 5 event!

At the PS 5 event, the prices of the new console were announced, while the pre-order date, US release date and release date for the whole world were announced. Apart from the console, which is announced as $ 399 and $ 499, we have seen games such as the FF XVI, God of War and Hogwards Legacy for the first time.

As can be seen from the video published for the game, an adventure game with a new game awaits adventure lovers. The new game will be available for PS 5 in 2021. Although at the moment there is no clear information, after going to PlayStation 5 it can also be available for computers in the following days.

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