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FIFA breaks agreement with AS Roma

FIFA breaks agreement with AS Roma

FIFA shared with the players its official website that the AS Roma team will not be FIFA21 in Italy.

FIFA shared information that there will be no AS Roma team in FIFA 21 on the official website.

At EA SPORTS FIFA 21, “AS Roma” will now play for Roma, with a special icon and set, as well as in Kick-Off, Film, Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL mode. In addition, FC Roma will now fight for the Olympic Stadium.

At EA SPORTS FIFA 21 and EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you will still see AS Roma with players like you actually do and corresponding analogues. “Player Chemistry” at EA SPORTS FIFA 21 will not be affected by these changes.

We want to thank everyone at AS Roma for many years of cooperation and cooperation in the official sports video game.

EA SPORTS FIFA remains one of the most original and popular interactive sports, and we are working to give our fans this unmatched originality. We will continue to share news about the teams and leagues that are in the heart of this game, including interesting improvements for fans, ─░talya and outside La Liga and Real Madrid. You can visit the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Authenticity page for the most up-to-date details of clubs and leagues in the game.

How will this affect my team in EA SPORTS FIFA 21?

Roma players will share chemical ties with players from the same country, Serie A and Club.

Can AS Roma players have personal items on the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

Yes, players of FC Roma may have personal belongings.

In Kick-Off AS Roma, will live acting diets reflect real world performance?

Yes, the diet of the players of FC Roma will be updated in accordance with their indicators in the real world.

How will this affect the career mode at EA SPORTS FIFA 21?

Football club “Roma” will take part in the FIFA World Cup 21.

Will AS Roma EA SPORTS play FIFA 20?

Previous versions of EA SPORTS FIFA HD will not be affected by these changes.

Will AS Roma EA SPORTS be as a team that can play FIFA Online 4 and FIFA Mobile?

Following the results of the next personnel changes, the Roma team will play in FO4 and FIFA Mobile.

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