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‘FIFA 20’ Volta Mode In-game purchases will not be


Volta, the new game mode added this year in the FIFA series, seems to be one of the most prominent features in football games in recent years. The EA does not want in-game purchases made in this mode, at least initially.

One of the biggest criticisms of the FIFA series and football games in general is that it is the same every year. Adding a new mode to the game with FIFA 20, EA has now developed a mode that makes it possible to play street football. This fashion called Volta.

‘FIFA 20’ Volta Mode In-game purchases will not be

Although there are many products that you can customize the look of your character in Volta mode, players need to get them by themselves, at least in the beginning. FIFA producer Jeff Antwi, in-game cosmetics in-game challenges were won and in-game money called Volta Coin can be earned only by completing the matches, he said. As the difficulty of the match or challenge increases, so does the prize.

Antwi also said that in this mode there will be logic of the seasons and a season will last roughly for a month. For now there is no seasonal ticket in sight. This decision seems to be right when we consider how often the content will change.

The fact that FIFA Volta does not include in-game purchases seems to be a response to both EA’s and FIFA’s recent reaction to this issue. Lastly, the company was put on a scale because of MTX.

On the other hand, EA is trying to get rid of the image of the company that has recently sold everything in the game. In-game purchases are high and people who pay the game in front of things that require more money in the game is not welcome. Antwi says that finding the Volta mode enjoyable and binding will make it successful in the eyes of the team, so it’s important to keep the content accessible.

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