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FIFA 20 Top 100 Players Announced: Owner of the Summit Changed


EA Sports announced the ratings of the top 100 players in FIFA 20. The change in the top of this year’s list is the first thing to notice. Come to the FIFA 20 rating list which contains many surprises.

FIFA 20 announced in-game power levels for the top 100 players this year. The list was largely similar to FIFA 19, while the best player this year was Lionel Messi with 94 points. Messi was followed by archrival Cristiano Ronaldo with 93 points.

EA Sports, FIFA 20, while keeping Messi 94 points, Ronaldo’s overall score was reduced to 93. In addition, Messi’s in-game card has been changed from “CF” to “RW”. Still, if you look at the detailed scores of the scores, Ronaldo still has monster-like statistics for all categories that are important, and so it will be an indispensable card of the game just like last year.

Ronaldo will not be on the cover of FIFA 20:

Ronaldo will not be on the cover of FIFA 20:

Ronaldo, who has been the cover star in all of the FIFA series in recent years, will not be on the cover stars squad this year. The reason for this is that Juventus, the player’s club, does not have an official license in FIFA 20. Juventus signed an official contract with PES, another football game in the past months, and sold its license to Konami.

Top 10 players in FIFA 20:

Top 10 players in FIFA 20:
  1. Messi: 94
  2. Ronaldo: 93
  3. Neymar: 92
  4. Hazard: 91
  5. De Bruyne: 91
  6. Oblak: 91
  7. van Dijk: 90
  8. Salah: 90
  9. Modric: 90
  10. ter Stegen: 90

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