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FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Mode Top-down features announced


One of FIFA’s most played modes, the Pro Clubs mode, will come with a number of new features in FIFA 20. EA did not make a serious update last year, which upset the players, this year seems to delight the players playing Pro Clubs.

Volta mode, which reminds FIFA Street, where players enjoy playing, is the most anticipated feature of the game since the FIFA 20 was introduced. With the addition of new modes, the current features of the series continue to be updated. EA Sports, the producer of the game, announced the updates for the popular Pro Clubs mode.

EA Sports first replaces the player creation system with a completely revamped system in FIFA 20, adding more customization options into the mode. Producers, now you can improve your virtual player visually, indicating that new hairstyles, spikes, tattoo types, accessories such as accessories can be purchased for the players said.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Mode Top-down features announced

In addition to the looks, the EA announced that Pro Clubs players can now play in LF / RF, LM / RM, LWB / RWB positions. The EA says that the physical properties of the virtual players are also updated, saying that you can feel your influence on your virtual player more than the position you choose.

The durability of virtual players is one of the features that has changed. If you upgrade your FIFA 20’s endurance and acceleration, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your other features. In Pro Clubs mode, your players will start with an overall average of 80 and you will be able to increase your player’s average using the points you earn.

EA Sports has added a new replay transition to the FIFA 20 Pro Clubs mode, screen watermarks, changing broadcast colors depending on the match type, a new Pro Clubs logo and new club banners. EA also renewed the match types, House Rules Cups and Practice Match in the form of two match types added to the Pro Clubs. With the Practice Match feature, players can match against artificial intelligence and improve their tactics.


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