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FIFA 20: Five things we want to see


FIFA 19 got off to a rough start and kind of stayed there for a while. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a lot of fun, but it definitely lacked some polish in the beginning.

And now that we’re facing the release of the next FIFA title, we’re just wondering about what we would like to see in the next game and how likely that is to happen.

Every fan has their laundry list of must-have features, but the devs only have so much time to put into each game. With that said, here are five things we’d like to see happen in FIFA 20 when it drops this September:

Improved Player AI

The last game had some of the jankiest, most nonsensical movement seen in a soccer game. This was relatively cleaned up over the life of FIFA 19 but the sour initial taste stuck around far too long.

FIFA 20 needs to improve this area of the game or face even harsher criticism this time around. In particular, the goalkeeper needs to exhibit some intelligence when defending the goal.

Tactics should also be a little bit more realistic. Not as OP as before and not completely meaningless.

House Rules

This was a really cool mode in FIFA 19 and we think it should not only come back but expand itself in innovative ways. Some ideas include custom squads, such as mixed leagues and even male and female players being included.

Women’s Club Teams

The inclusion of the women’s clubs would be a really big addition to FIFA 20 but one that would be pretty cool. As we discussed above, having the ability to customize rosters and even play mixed squads of the best male and female players would make for some interesting game modes.


Who doesn’t like dynamic weather in games? It would be great if FIFA 20 had really cool weather effects. For some reason this just adds so much to the simulation aspect of the game. Plus it is a chance for the devs to show off the graphics.


Adding in some kind of virtual reality headset mode would be cool, too – if done well. We don’t know what this would look like in practice but we’re sure FIFA has more ideas than time to implement them. Still, VR is becoming bigger by the day so it is a great opportunity for EA to take advantage of in FIFA 20.

Outside of that, we’ve got some other nitpicky things but we think that the above is not only easy to implement but should almost be expected at this point. Updated rosters, uniforms, stadiums, and the like are expected, of course, but, in the midst of updating so many small things, it is tough to expect big things from the devs.

One solution to this problem is that some people think games like FIFA should move to a subscription model and ditch the iterative format entirely, but that is a discussion for another day.


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