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FIFA 20 First Play Video

FIFA 20 First Play Video

The first gameplay video from FIFA 20, which came up with Juventus winning its license to eFootball PES 2020, was released recently.

Today, EA has released a FIFA 20 gameplay video including star players such as Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and Virgil Van Dijk. As it appears in the video, there have been considerable changes in the mechanics of the game. You can watch the trailer below:

It seems that the game has been changed greatly. Controlled intervention, explosive dribling, worked finish and much more added. Of course, as it is said that there are graphical developments like every year, you may not see much difference with FIFA 19.

Information that the EA gives about the game:

Collect game:

Standing balls: Set your goal and make your move at the right time. Accelerate, spin, or leaf-kick the ball on standing balls. Thanks to this new mechanic you can use dead balls in your favor.
Dribbling: Move faster, draw the defender to yourself and beat them at your speed. Thanks to this mechanic, FIFA 20 adds a variety of different attacks to the game.
Controlled intervention: With Active Touch Tackling mechanics and new animations, defending with the right timing will make it feel more realistic.
Worked finish: You can make a clearer shot when you stay with the goalkeeper. There will now be more risk for remote shots and volleys. In this way, more realism is aimed at FIFA 20.

Topless game:

Dynamic: You can completely change the direction of the game in both defense and attack situations.
Advanced artificial intelligence defenders: When you lose the ball, players with artificial intelligence control, except for the player you manage, will give you better support.
Natural player movements: Players on the court will now take on a more meaningful and logical position.


Ball physics: New ball physics that will allow you to make more realistic shots, passes, midfields or distances


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