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Female Twitch Streamer Playing CS: GO With One Arm Goes Viral


Unable to use 60% of her body due to a stroke when she was young, Kika Martins went viral with a video shared on Reddit. Kika managed to be competitive in CS: GO despite the challenge of one arm in the shared video.

Under normal circumstances, we all manage the keyboard and mouse separately with our right and left arms. But Kika ‘xirilikika’ Martins, a Twitch broadcaster from Portugal, went viral with a video shared the other day. Because the Twitch broadcaster manages both the mouse and the keyboard with one arm due to the obstacle it has, and it was doing it very well.

The video that made the Twitch broadcaster famous was shared by a Reddit user. “I was playing against a one-armed woman, and this happened,” the Reddit user posted on the platform. Including the testimony, he showed the clip that would make the female broadcaster famous. In the clip, it seemed that Kika Martins was playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive with one arm and was barely strained.

She defeats her opponents with one arm:

Female Twitch Streamer Playing CS: GO With One Arm Goes Viral

In the live cut, Kika Martins was constantly switching between keyboard and mouse to hit opposing players, using both the keyboard and the mouse at the same time while moving. In the ensuing seconds, Kika was able to hit an opponent using the Desert Eagle. Later, he took his MP9 gun and knocked down the second opponent.

According to information on Kika Martins’ Twitch channel, which went viral with this video, she suffered a severe stroke as a child. This paralysis made Kika unable to use 60% of her body. Since then, Kika had to do everything with one arm.

The 22-year-old young Twitch streamer currently has 5,825 followers on Twitch. Although he only broadcasts in Portuguese and appeals to those who know the language, this video that was shared and went viral made him known to many. We also wish him success in his publishing life.

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