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Female character preference rate changes in games

Female character preference rate changes in games

With the introduction of computers and consoles into our world, video games have also become very popular. Especially in recent years, with the spread of the internet, the player community has increased significantly. Acting and publishing has even become a profession. The choice of character has also been affected by this change over the years. In recent years, the preference for female characters in games has started to change.

When we look at the recent years, the number of female employees in gaming companies has also increased.

Increasing female character preference rate in games

When we look at the past years, we see that the male characters are more involved in the games than the female characters. But for the first time this year, the number of female characters and male characters has become so close to each other. Feminist Frequency’s annual analysis of the E3 announcements revealed a huge increase in the number of female characters.

Games with playable female characters are 18 percent, and games with male characters are 23 percent. The number of games with female characters reached a bottom in 2015 with 2 percent. Then, while there were minor developments, there was a decrease again in 2019. However, 18 percent of the games introduced in 2020 featured female characters. As with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the number of games given the choice is 54 percent.

Although the preference for female characters in the games increased in 2020, Feminist Frequency is not sure whether this will be permanent. In addition to all this, interestingly one-third of the 18 percent female character preference came from Sony games.

Do you enjoy playing games with a female or male character more?

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