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Fall Guys season 2 release date has been announced!

Fall Guys season 2 release date has been announced!

New content awaits players with Fall Guys season 2. With its release, the game, which has attracted attention all over the world, has managed to connect the players with its fun gameplay and battle royale mechanics, will take us to the Middle Ages with its new theme.

Fall Guys season 2 will come with a medieval theme

The game attracts many users. In fact, the developer team has not made such a game before, and the games they make are generally browser-based. Later they made games for SEGA. The team, which gained experience with the games made for SEGA, most recently developed the Fall Guys. The reason why the game attracts attention is seen as the fun to play. Although the game does not look competitive, it can quickly put you in a competitive mood.

With Season 2, a medieval theme awaits players. The existing maps will be decorated with the medieval theme. Due to the theme, knights, dragons, witches and wizards are waiting for us in the game. There is a video promoting Season 2 and the changes made look very good.

Season 2 will debut on Thursday, October 8th.

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