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Exciting description about GTA 6 and GTA Online from a reliable source


Rockstar Games, one of the world’s most popular game developers, has long worked on GTA Online. Despite the fact that players are waiting for the announcement of GTA 6, the development team is working to maintain interest in GTA 5. And now a statement has come from a source proving its leaks to the GTA that could excite players playing GTA Online and waiting for GTA 6.

Rockstar Games recently announced that major innovations and a new theft mission will come to GTA Online. A source who understands these explanations in more detail claims that one of the major innovations in GTA Online is the “Mile High Club” building. In addition, with the opening of this building, many new tasks will come to the game, and GTA Online is evolving in a completely different direction.

Exciting description about GTA 6 and GTA Online from a reliable source

According to our source, this is not the only innovation that will come to GTA Online. By the end of the year, the game will expand towards another location, and it will be Liberty City, known as New York in the fictional world of GTA. And even in parallel with this, Nico Bellick, the protagonist of GTA 4, returns to the game. But it is not yet clear that we will see Bellick in the game.

Rockstar Games tries to adapt Liberty City to GTA 5

According to the statements made, after the GTA Online included Liberty City, the developer team would add the new robbery task to the game. Stating that this robbery will be related to gold reserves in the city of Liberty City, the source suggests that with this update coming in late 2020, players will also be offered a lot of side missions and that Rockstar Games is currently busy adapting Liberty City to GTA 5.

Our source, who proved his reliability with his leaks, also gave several explanations about GTA 6 that were voiced after his claims about GTA Online. In his statements, he mentions Vice City, one of the first allegations made after GTA 6 began to be discussed.

To date, most of the claims against GTA 6 have been brought forward to Vice City. Our source emphasizes that GTA 6 will be held in Vice City and will talk about past years. But this maintains uncertainty about what dates the past contains.

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