Everything We Know and Expect About FIFA 21


EA’s beloved sports game series, FIFA, will be presented with a new game again this year. So when will this game, which will probably be FIFA 21, and what kind of game will it have? Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

We will see a new game of the FIFA series, which is getting more and more popular, this year. A great success with FIFA 20 EA will be able to continue its success by adding new things to the game in FIFA 21, everyone is curious about this issue. So, what information have we been able to find so far about the highly anticipated FIFA 21 game?

While preparing this article, we tried to touch upon everything we heard about FIFA 21 today. We talked about many things from the release date of the game to the expected features in the game. Let’s start going into the details of EA’s new FIFA game.

FIFA 21 release date:

Everything We Know and Expect About FIFA 21

There is no clear information yet about the release date of FIFA 21. But, like previous FIFA games, we can say that FIFA 21 can be announced in the last two weeks of September. EA has released all FIFA games in the same timeframe for several years.

FIFA 20 was introduced last June and was released on September 27, 2019. FIFA 18, one of the previous games, was released on September 28. So you better start saving money for next September.

Will there be cross platform support in FIFA 21?

If we say that FIFA 21 will be released in September, it may be the most natural thing to question cross-platform support. Because PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are expected to come out between October and December. This pushes FIFA 21 into a very strange time frame.

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We heard that Sony and Microsoft will bring some games that will be on previous consoles to new consoles. Therefore, we can expect that FIFA 21 can also benefit from such a service. On the other hand, the possibility of EA releasing this game at the same time as other consoles may be another matter of discussion. After all, we can say that FIFA 21 will have cross-platform support.

What do players expect from FIFA 21?

More street games:

Volta had a great success in the FIFA series. We will all see if a game mode that manages to accumulate players will continue. However, we have seen many times how much EA can exaggerate when it is successful at one point.

Visual improvements:

We have all seen how much the FIFA series has evolved in terms of graphics in each new generation. Therefore, players are eager to see the same development in FIFA 21. The upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles also leave a door open to this improvement.

License agreements:

FIFA’s loss of names such as Juventus or Camp Nou had overwhelmed the players. Therefore, many players wish that there will be no license issues in the new game and they will play everything in their original form.

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