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Epic Store’s best-selling game has been announced!


We shared the best selling game of Epic Store and last month’s best game with our valuable readers. Let’s follow the details of the news.

Today, Epic Store has more than 85 million users. Since its inception, the store, which offers free games every two weeks, achieved very successful sales in April. We shared the best selling game of Epic Store and the best departing game of the last month with our dear readers.

Epic Store’s best-selling game has been announced!

North Carolina-based video game production and development company Epic Games’s official website, according to the statement made in April for the Epic Store has made significant sales. Thanks to the developers, publishers and players, Epic also shared some statistics about April with the players. According to the official website, Saber Interactive’s new game, World War Z, sold over 250,000 copies in the first week. The specified game has sold over 320,000 units in total on the Epic Store.

The video game called Satisfactory, which was opened early in the Epic Store last month, has achieved to be the best game of Coffe Stain. Previously, the game is not expected to be so popular.

The French video game developer Ubisoftlers Anno 1800 game and 4A Gamesuss Metro: Exodus game was the best departing computer game in their franchisees. Metro Exodus, which was exposed to criticism after the production Epic, managed to be the most winning game of Epic Store.

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