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Epic Games store exceeds 100 million users


Epic Games store, which entered the sector fast, managed to attract more than 100 million users with both free games and special game launches. Revenue was $ 680 million.

Epic Games store exceeds 100 million users

Since its first day of operation, the Epic Games store continues to attract players, whether it be game launches or free games. The store maintained its claim this year, while the number of users broke records.

How much did the Epic Games store sell?

According to the statement made by the store, the number of registered users has exceeded 108 million. The centrality of certain games, including Fortnite, triggered this number. Steam’s January 2019 figure was around 90 million.

The revenue generated by the store was $ 680 million. Of this, 251 million came from third-party games, and the winnings of promotional productions were not included. The store’s promotions for the games are around $ 23 million.

In the free game campaign, which represents a significant part of the store, 73 productions have been awarded to date and these productions have been downloaded 200 million times in total. Epic Games will continue its free games in 2020 as well.

The Steam store is still far ahead, even though it aims to be the industry leader. In 2017 alone, the revenue from the store was $ 4 billion. Expansion packages, user reviews, evaluations are among the advantages of the store. In this respect Epic Games has to go a long way.

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