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Epic Games Store ‘Cloud Save’ Feature Arrives

Epic Games Store ‘Cloud Save’ Feature Arrives

When you format your computer or experience any data loss, it can be really sad to lose your save files, which you spent hours on. In order to prevent this, Epic Games started Cloud Save in some of its games.

Epic Games, which publishes free of charge through the Epic Games Store, offers great opportunities among the players.

Epic Games, a US-based video game company that offers two games for free instead of one at this week’s opportunity, has introduced Cloud Save for the first time in its history.

This War of Mine and Moonlighter, distributed free of charge this week, have been enabled with the option to activate Cloud Save in the in-game settings section, asking questions to Epic’s founder Tim Sweeney on Twitter.

Sweeney shared a tweet with answers to these questions on her Twitter account. In this tweet, Sweeney said that the Cloud Save feature is available in several new games, but it will take some time for this feature to be available in all games.

Sweeney didn’t give a definite date for this feature, stating that developers didn’t have any business involved in integrating Cloud Save technology into games, which allows players to resume play when they log in to Epic accounts on any device.

We hope to see Cloud Save technology in all games in a short time as Epic Games has been a long time in the digital game distribution platform Steam since the work is only on Epic Games side.


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