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Epic Games decision from Apple: We will not make an exception

Epic Games decision from Apple: We will not make an exception

Apple responded to Epic Games’ latest move in a dispute between the two companies. After the ban, Apple Fortnite said that Apple threatened to cancel access to iOS and Mac devices if Epic Games does not stop processing payments that violate the rules.

“We want to keep the company with its apps in our store as part of the Apple developer program,” Apple told The Verge on the matter. In addition, the problem that Epic created for itself can be solved quite well if it is rolled back with an update to comply with the guidelines accepted by all developers. However, we will not make an exception if they do not take a step back ”.

The unexpected Fortnite update contains dynamics that allow V-Bucks, which is the currency in the game, to exceed the instructions for stores in in-program purchases. This means a 30 percent loss of revenue for Apple and Google.

Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their App Store and Google Play Store platforms in response to Epic Games violations. In response, Epic sued two companies on charges of violating competition. The studio also issued a court decision that did not allow Apple to exit the developer program. Apple announced that Epic Games has time until August 28.

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