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Epic Games Announces How Much Fortnite Plays on iOS Has Decreased After the Ban


Epic Games said in court that the daily number of active Fortnite players in the iOS fell to 60%. In court, the company repeated allegations of Apple’s monopoly.

The fight between Epic Games and Apple has become one of the most high-profile events in the technology world in recent years. After Epic Games overcame Apple’s payment system, Apple removed Fortnite from the app store, the companies received it in court.

The court ruled that Apple banned Epic Games from retaliating against the Unreal Engine game engine. However, the decision of Epic Games to return Fortnite to the App Store was rejected by the judge. The judge said that Epic Games decided to violate the agreement with Apple.

Daily active Fortnite player decreased by 60% on iOS

Epic Games Announces How Much Fortnite Plays on iOS Has Decreased After the Ban

Epic Games said in court that after the removal of Fortnite from the App Store, the number of active Fortnite players per day by iOS decreased by 60%. It was also stated that Epic would never see these users again.

Epic Games reported that more than 116 million Fortnite users are registered on the iOS, which is significantly more than on other platforms. The company also said that 63% of Fortnite users on the iOS have access to the game only on this platform.

The arguments put forward by Epic Games for Fortnite to be on the store again and to protect Unreal Engine are as follows;

  • Apple has a monopoly in the iOS app distribution market
  • Apple continues to protect this monopoly illegally.
  • Apple contractually links the App Store to in-app purchases, which is against the law
  • App distribution and in-app purchases are different products
  • Developers were forced into in-app purchases due to Apple’s market power
  • Apple management has anti-competitive effects in the iOS in-app purchasing process, harming Epic and other developers.

Epic Games said Apple’s retaliatory attack caused great damage to the Fortnite community, and that the number of game days in the iOS was significantly reduced.

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