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Entertainment industry’s biggest winners announced

Entertainment industry’s biggest winners announced

The entertainment industry is indeed among the most profitable industries in the world. So which one do you think is the winner of this sector? According to data published by Newzoo, people spend more than $ 145 billion. Games are the most spending sector in the world. Mobile games come first with 45 percent, console second with 32 percent, PC games third with 23 percent.

Games are the most spending sector in the world

The gaming industry has been more vibrant this year than ever before. Millions of people who closed their homes due to quarantine found fun in games. As the demand is so high, many new games have been brought to the industry and existing games have become even more popular.

Technology giants also make significant investments in the gaming industry. While Apple, Arcade and Amazon contribute to the industry with the acquisition of the Twitch platform and new games produced by it, Microsoft has recently attracted attention by purchasing ZeniMax Media. Microsoft signed the most important news of this week by purchasing ZeniMax Media for 7 and a half billion dollars. For those who don’t know, Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, has popular games like DOOM and Fallout.

The vast majority of the human population is interested in games. Considering that different age groups love different types of games, billions of dollars in spending mean more.

Games, which hold an important part of the entertainment industry, have become significantly popular, especially during the quarantine process. It is possible to say that games, which have the potential to reach more people with the developing technology in the following years, still hold the leadership, will bring more profit in the coming years.

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