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Electronic Arts is in trouble with the Dutch court!

Electronic Arts is in trouble with the Dutch court!

Electronic Arts will have to pay huge sums to the Netherlands. The European Union has long regarded the box opening sequences called “loot boxes” in games as gambling and they have passed various laws regarding this. The Dutch Gambling Authority has decided that FUT packages are gambling.

Electronic Arts will pay hundreds of thousands of Euros per week for FUT packages

The Dutch Gambling Authority has ruled that this feature violates gambling rules. For every week EA does not remove loot boxes sold in FIFA Ultimate Team, it has to pay 500,000 Euros per week to the Netherlands. The decision was made after a long-running legal battle between the Gambling Authority and EA and was upheld by The Hague court on Thursday.

The Gambling Authority is an independent organization and made the decision in 2018 that FUT packages violate the Gambling Laws. In the decision made in 2018, the Gambling Authority made a proposal to the court for EA to pay 10 Million Euros each week. In the decision given on Thursday, this penalty was approved as 500 thousand Euros per week. EA will have to pay this money every week if EA does not remove FUT packages in the Netherlands.

How do you find the loot boxes in the games? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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