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Easiest Mission in GTA History: “A Fish In The Barrel”

Easiest Mission in GTA History: “A Fish In The Barrel”

Fans of the GTA series know very well that Rockstar designs a challenging episode that drives at least one person in every game. The construction bombing mission in Vice City, where you also pushed the shipment of drugs by toy RC airplane in Vice City, and the mission called Freefall, where you try to catch up on the plane in San Andreas.

The interesting thing is that the GTA series had the easiest task, just before the madness of Freefall. You were on your way to the A Fish In The Barrell mission and after about 1 minute break, your phone rang. When you answered the phone, you were deemed to have passed the task.

Although many players questioned whether a mistake was made by closing and reloading the game, no one knew that this Rockstar had a little surprise for jokingly preparing you for one of the most troublesome missions of the game.

You can watch this short game video below.


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