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EA releases FIFA 21 as older generation on PC to avoid upgrading system requirements


EA did not go to the generation update on the PC version of Fifa, one of its flagship games. The reason behind the company’s move was not to increase the required PC system requirements.

The FIFA series, the most popular football game in the world, is also one of EA’s flagship games. FIFA games, a money counting machine for EA, so to speak, means that the more players it reaches, the more ideal it is for the company.

EA Sports also drives exactly this policy in the FIFA 21 game. The company released an older-generation version of the game on the PC in order to reach as many players as possible. In this way, the system requirements requested from PC players were also not upgraded.

FIFA 21 not released as next generation on PC

EA releases FIFA 21 as older generation on PC to avoid upgrading system requirements

Aaron McHardy, one of FIFA’s executive producers, said they were looking at the hardware players had to look at what generation the game could be on the PC. McHardy said the minimum hardware features required if they were to release the game in the fifth generation would leave many players out.

For this reason, McHardy stated that they decided to release the PC version of the game as the fourth generation version of FIFA, thus opening their doors to anyone who wants to play FIFA. In fact, this situation was already predicted and seen, at least it was official.

As we are now in a transition generation, it is not surprising that such a move has come from EA. But one wonders what kind of policy the company will pursue in FIFA 22. Will the company release the PC version of FIFA 22 based on the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X, or will it continue with the older generation version? In addition, we will wait and see if Konami will release the PES 2022 version with Unreal Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 5.

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