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EA releases expected announcement for FIFA 21 demo

EA releases expected announcement for FIFA 21 demo

Every year, new developments in FIFA 21, the new game of the FIFA series, which are highly anticipated by many players, continue to occur. Recently, the highly anticipated announcement was made about the FIFA 21 demo version. However, the statement made consists of details that will not meet the expectations of the players.

Negative news for FIFA 21 demo officially announced

Recently, a statement was made on the EA SPORTS FIFA official Twitter account. With this statement, it was stated that the demo version for the new FIFA will not be released this year.

In the details of the official statement, there are also statements about why the demo version was decided not to be published. According to the statement made by Electronic Arts, the reason for the FIFA 21 demo version not being released is shown as the development team of the new football game focusing on the new generation game consoles.

As it turns out, EA wants to spend that time on the new FIFA for the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, rather than with the demo version of the new soccer game’s developer team.

In addition, EA drew attention to the date of October 9, 2020, of the tweet it posted. Apparently, the gameplay videos, not the demo, for the new FIFA game this year will be in a more effective position in the purchase decision.

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