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EA Games can return to Steam

EA Games can return to Steam

We are seeing significant developments in the digital gaming market recently. Aside from the rivalry between Epic and Steam, for a long time major gaming companies have been serving their clients and markets. Although some of these companies are releasing their important games to both Steam and their own markets, we see that some companies only use their own markets. One of these companies, EA Games, can return to the Steam platform.

EA Games can return to Steam

In fact, some gossip has been circulating in the gaming industry for a long time. Despite this, we did not see an official statement from EA Games. A Gif, published a few days ago on the company’s official social media accounts, brought this possibility back to mind. An image of a steaming glass with the EA logo was published on EA Games’ social media accounts. Following this visual, the rumors that the company will announce that it will bring back its games to Steam next week have flared up again. In fact, both the old and new games for the company to follow such a path is specified. After all this news and rumors, eyes are turned to the official explanation.


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