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EA Desktop Beta is now available!

EA Desktop Beta is now available!

Electronic Arts has been working on the application that will replace the Origin platform for a long time. Its new application called EA Desktop started Beta testing today. Users who sign up for beta testing will receive an email from EA to download the app.

EA Desktop Beta has a simple and modern interface

The application has a simple and modern interface, the color selection is black and dark purple. When we log in to the application, the Browse screen appears and we can look at the games in the store. On the right, we can see our friends who are online or offline. In the upper left are the Discover and All Games tabs.

While you can see the games that EA recommends to you from the Discover section, we can browse all the games on the platform from the All Games section.

On the left, just below Browse, we can see the My Collection section, this is our game library.

When we click on any of the games, we enter the Overview tab, and there is DLC on the tab right next to it. In the overview section, we can see how many hours we played the game, when the last time we played it, for which platform we have it, and the release date. When we scroll down the page, we can look at general information about the game.

Under the DLC tab, we can see the DLC packages we have in the game and the DLC packages we can have.

With this innovation, a new feature called My playtime has been introduced in the Application Settings section.

In addition, the RAM and processor usage of EA Desktop and Origin is as follows:

EA Desktop takes up 235 MB of space on the disk, while Origin takes up 355 MB. Of course, these values may change as an update is received.

If you have registered for the Beta, you can download the application here.

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