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DOOM Eternal Release Date Postponed: Here’s the New Release Date


We have bad news for gamers who are waiting for the new game of the DOOM series in November. ID Software, the developer of the series, announced that they have postponed the release date of DOOM Eternal.

The developer of the legendary series DOOM, id Software, made a statement that could upset the fans of the series today. The developer announced that the new DOOM Eternal game of the DOOM series will not be released on the scheduled date, November 22, 2019, and the release date is postponed.

id Software’s article also explained why the game was postponed. During the development phase of DOOM Eternal, the company stated that its goals are to exceed even the most spectacular expectations. You can review the entire description below.

ID Software’s written statement for DOOM Eternal:

DOOM Eternal Release Date Postponed: Here’s the New Release Date

Stating that they want to ensure that DOOM Eternal complies with the standards and offers the best experience, the company said:

We decided that the date of the game will be a few months ahead and the date will be 20 March 2020. We know that many of our fans will be disappointed by this delay, but we are confident that DOOM Eternal will provide an experience worth waiting for.

In addition to the postponement of DOOM Eternal, changes were also made to the game. These changes are listed as follows:

  • ‘Invasion Mode’, which you can join as a devil in another player’s game, will be distributed shortly after the game is released with a free update.
  • DOOM Eternal will come to Nintendo Switch after coming to other platforms. A separate date will be announced for the Nintendo Switch.

DOOM 64 can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms as well as the Nintendo Switch platform. In addition, players who purchase DOOM Eternal pre-ordered will have DOOM 64 free of charge, regardless of the platform. Like the DOOM Eternal, the release date of DOOM 64 was announced as 20 March 2020.


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