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Dontnod Entertainment is working on 6 new games


Studio Dontnod Entertainment, which develops Life is Strange, Vampyr, and Tell Me Why, which has been released in recent months, is working on 6 new games.

Dontnod Entertainment is working on 6 new games

Dontnod Entertainment, which became popular in the game world with the Life is Strange series published in 2015, made a nice announcement for its fans.

The company’s CEO, Oskar Guilbert, recently had an interview with Venture Beat. Oskar Guilbert said that currently the studio is extremely busy with 6 new games being worked on and a new studio opened in Montreal. Unfortunately, there is no explanation for the games.

This newly opened studio allowed Dontnod Entertainment to make more story-driven games. The heads of the newly established studio are Luc Baghadoust, executive producer of Dontnod Entertainment, and creative director Michel Koch. Right now, as studios, they were working on a completely new IP.

The prominent games Dontnod Entertainment has previously developed are as follows: Life is Strange, Vampyr, Tell Me Why, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Remember Me. The company’s first game to be released in the upcoming period is Twin Mirror, which will be released on December 1, 2020.

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