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Diamonds That Caught Casino Heist Loot Are Back In GTA Online


Rockstar Games, which recently released a new update for GTA Online, added the diamonds as casino robbery spoils to the game. Diamonds are said to have a higher spawn rate than before.

“Grand Theft Auto V” was released in 2013. The main thing is that the game remains so popular, of course, GTA Online and all new updates. The development company attracted the attention of thousands of players by publishing an update to the casino last year.

Players could receive various awards by robbing the casino included in the game. If this is the last update, then diamonds are again added to the game as a reward for robbing a casino. Players who can successfully complete the robbery with a new update will be awarded a bag of rare diamonds.

Diamonds that can be obtained from the casino robbery will spawn at a higher rate:

Diamonds That Caught Casino Heist Loot Are Back In GTA Online

Diamonds will appear at a much higher rate than usual and will be the loot of the casino robbery, Twitter account TezFunz2, who shared the leaks about Rockstar, reports. These extra precious stones are periodically added to the game to help players get too rich or increase casino robberies.

Other innovations that come with the update include the Coquette D10 as a podium car and many new cars such as the Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Infernus Classic and Swinger GT. Tez2 also says that Lemon Sports sweatpants and tops have been added to the game with the new update.

Prime Gaming is giving GTA V players $ 1 million in in-game money:

‘Prime Gaming’, formerly Twitch Prime, is giving GTA V players about $ 1 million in-game money for each month they play as part of the September loot. However, free access to the Vespucci Canals Nightclub property and special discounts only for Prime members are also waiting for GTA V players.

To have all these items, you need to link your Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch accounts. By clicking the link here, you can reach the relevant page and get more information about the subject.

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