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Diablo IV can come with cross-platform support


A very long gameplay video for Diablo IV has also been released.

Cross-platform support is gradually becoming a standard in non-competitive video games. The Blizzard Entertainment team announced plans to have cross-platform support for their new video game, Diablo IV. According to the statements, Diablo 4 will certainly try to bring cross-platform support to the game, but the last word will be on the Sony and Microsoft fronts as usual. So, unless approval from these two companies, support is a bit difficult.

Diablo IV can come with cross-platform support

Barbarian class from Diablo 4 also shown

We don’t have much more to say about the cross-platform support of Diablo IV, but there is a new gameplay video that you can see at the top of our story. This gameplay video was released by Game Informer. In this gameplay video, created in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment and Game Informer teams, we see an almost 25-minute gameplay video of the Barbarian class from the game’s BlizzCon 2019 demo.

In this gameplay video we can see the basic attacks and abilities of the Barbarian class. Also in this demo we can see the environmental details of the game and the color palette in general. Obviously Blizzard Entertainment is really trying to bring back the dark Diablo universe with the fourth game in the series. We can also see a small cinematic scene in the published video and in this cinematic we can see the character’s face closely, which is a nice detail.

This gameplay video we’re talking about usually takes place on Overworld. According to the developer team, Overworld was by no means created automatically and was designed by hand. Of course, if the game will contain repeatedly playable content; probably cave-type contents will be generated automatically, randomly but it is too early to talk about this topic.

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