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Developer of No Man’s Sky started new project

Developer of No Man’s Sky started new project

Finally, Hello Games, which released The Last Campfire and made a name for itself with No Man’s Sky, started to work on its next big game by looking to the future.

Hello Games rolls up its sleeves for its new big game

Hello Games founder Sean Murray told Polygon that they are working on a giant game similar to Man’s Sky. Murray, who has signed many projects under the EA roof, said they want to make an exciting project. He also said that they created Hello Games to do what they want.

Murray said that “No Man’s Sky” appeared as a result of a small midlife crisis, and “The Last by” was created by a team of 3 people. Murray said the rest of the team is interested in other major games. In addition, Murray did not share details of his further projects. Hello Games also noted that recently there is a possibility that a similar statement will come from the front.

No Man’s Sky was released in 2016. The latest update, which has recently been a reduction in the audience of fans, was Desolation DLC, which added an abandoned spacecraft.

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