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Detroit: Become Human PC Trailer Launched

‘Detroit: Become Human’ PC Trailer Launched

Time is approaching for Detroit: Become Human, the latest Quantic Dream game on the PC platform. The French developer studio also appeared with a pre-trailer trailer.

We were informed that Detroit: Become Human, which was available for PlayStation 4 in May, will also be launched on PC with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls as a result of the surprise announcement during GDC 2019. After Heavy Rain in June and Beyond: Two Souls in July, it was time for the adventures of the Connor, Kara and Markus trio.

Although the introduction trailer that you can watch from the end of our news is twenty eight seconds long, it can give an idea for the visuality on the PC platform, but we will have to wait for the main trailer to have a complete idea.

Detroit: Become Human, which will take place in the city of Detroit in 2038, deals with the human life of humanoid robots. Even though they were basically designed to obey people, things suddenly change direction as they become aware of their own feelings. In the game, where the scenario flow will change according to the choices made, the fates of all three characters will be determined according to our preferences.

Detroit: Become Human will offer true 4K support on the PC platform, while the control arm will be able to play with the keyboard and mouse.


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