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Detroit: Become Human breaks sales record

Detroit: Become Human breaks sales record

The sales figures of Become Human every day make the French game developer Quantic Dream smile a little. The company said in a press release that the game exceeded 5 million sales on all platforms. This figure is also a big contribution to the distribution of the PC version of the game through Steam.

In 2018, the development company announced the sale of more than 3 million copies on the PS4 platform in October 2019. In particular, the broadcasts made by players through Twitter and their impact on the decisions made by viewers seem to increase the success of the transition to the PC platform. Thus, about 500 players took part in a survey conducted through Twitch, and about 1.5 million spoke in favor of the decision that was made in the game.

According to Gamespot, the press release of the developer Quantic Dream says that since the release of the game on the Steam platform, the number of sales has exceeded 5 million. Quantic Dream CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, said the game received an incredible positive response on the PC as a whole, as well as good turnovers in the Asian market. The game got a place in the Epic Games Store.

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